Gardening – the challenge


Rosemary50pctThis week I almost bought something new without realising that I was not allowed to do so. I was planning on gardening and by chance I just ran into a nice offer for plants. It were some sort of heather plants which I thought would be really nice in our quite empty garden. Fortunately I resisted the temptation and went home without buying them. When I arrived home I realised that I wasn’t allowed to buy something. I wondered how it was possible that I just forgot about that.

Luckily I did not end up with an empty garden. When I was at the rowing club last weekend one of my team members offered some plants from her garden. So I told her about mine, how empty it still was and I could take some plants home. But something was still missing, some nice herbs for cooking. Buying them in the supermarket every time you need them is quite expensive.

So I did something that might be even worse than buying something new (opinions may differ about this). In Cambridge I often see very large Rosemary plants in people’s front garden. Two weeks ago I took down a piece of it because I knew that Rosemary is easy to strike. I put it in some dirt at home to give it the possibility to grow roots before putting it in the garden. It worked out very well, within a week it had some roots and I could place it in the garden. But it might be a bit hypocrite. I am not allowed to buy a plant, but I am allowed to take down a piece of someone else’s plant? Besides, it is also a bit arguable that I am allowed to buy a twig of herbs for dinner but that I am not allowed to buy a whole plant of it. I actually think that buying a plant is more sustainable.

In my opinion it is okay what I did (my boyfriend and I don’t share our thoughts about this point). Naturally I should not kill the plant, which stands on its own. But why buying such expensive little boxes of herbs every time you need them when you can also grow the plant yourself? Besides, I also add some value to the garden. Therefore, when we will leave this house again they can’t say that I just neglected the garden.

So yeah, I sort of stole something instead of buying it but I did not harm or damaged anyone with it. What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in a comment!


Coming week I have to find out what to wear on a Halloween party without buying something new. I don’t have an outfit yet so I only have one week to come up with something.

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  1. Inge says:

    Hello Lieneke, maybe you can ask cuttings from people. I think you made a nice start with the plants from your team member. And about Halloween,you can ask on Facebook if you can borrow an outfit. Or from some femal colleague of your boyfriend.
    Good Luck with this week.

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