The six month challenge!


logosMy roots lay in a collector’s family. Both my parents like to buy and to collect beautiful products and clothes. I think that’s why it is in my blood that I also like to collect nice stuff. But now I have moved several times the last few years it also bothers me that I have attached a great value to a big part of my collection. I am wondering why I can’t just let go, let someone else enjoy it too.

That is why I decided to challenge myself in buying nothing new for six months. I am amazed by how people are constantly tempted by commercials, shop signs, banners and logos to buy more and more. It is a real consumer society that we are living in. We are living in a century and a political system that is focussing on buying more. Even the Dutch Prime Minister Rutte was telling us 2 years ago that we should be shopping more to encourage our economical growth.

I regret that if something is broken I need to throw it away because repairing it is more expensive than buying a new product. Isn’t it crazy? We are fabricating products for impossible low rates and somewhere in line people are paying the price for that! And although I always have the feeling that only changing it yourself does not make a better world, I at least believe that it needs to start somewhere. When I can step out of this consuming society I can show and hopefully convince others that it actually is possible and that it is not as hard as people might think.

This challenge will start today and is about not collecting tangible products anymore and not throwing away stuff that can be repaired. So it does not mean I can’t by anything anymore.

What I still can buy:
– Food & drinks                                               (off course I need this to survive this challenge)
– Personal care products                                (I don’t want to become a back-to-nature freak)
– Experiences                                                  (this is not something tangible)
– Second hand products                                 (but only if I really need it)
– Attributes to repair something with         (before you know I don’t have any socks left to wear)

One thought on “The six month challenge!”

  1. Esther says:

    Good Luck!
    Would be cool to hear your experiences along the line :)

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