The multiple purpose of vinegar


cleaning_crossYou might not know it yet but vinegar is a real panacea! You can use it for so many different purposes. Cooking, cleaning, ironing. Brands of cleaning products show lots of commercials to let you choose their product. For every chore they have another product. That’s how you end up with lots of products that you barely use. You’d better stop buying this superfluous products and start using vinegar. It will make you buy less and saves you money!

Personal care
Let me give you some options to use vinegar for. To start with personal care. Did you know vinegar is a great after-sun? If you’ve burned you can put it on the burned spots and it will relief the pain. You can do the same when you’re bitten by an insect or jellyfish. If you are trying to loose weight vinegar can also help you. Half an hour before dinner mix a spoon of apple vinegar with a spoon of honey in a cup of water. When you drink this, your appetite will decrease and you will not overeat yourself.

It as an even bigger use when cleaning. You can use it in combination with water. Just take ½ part of water and ½ part vinegar. This is a great product to clean your sinks, counter top, toilet or to get rid of mold. The key often is to let it soak for a while before rinsing it. If you have some really persistent stains you might better use a bit undiluted vinegar. But besides this, you can use vinegar on your clothes for several reasons. It can be used as an fabric softener, just fill the softener tray of your washing machine with vinegar and your fabrics are soft without the smell of vinegar! If you are too busy or lazy for ironing, vinegar can also help you out. Spray the 50/50 combination of vinegar and water on your clothes and hang it out for a day. The next day you can wear it and it won’t have creases. But my favourite way to use it on clothes is to capture the colours. Just add vinegar when washing it.

And then we get to my favourite part of the house, the kitchen. Like you’ve read above, you can use vinegar to clean the kitchen, but you can also use it for cooking. Salads with a dressing of vinegar, stew can easily be prepared with vinegar and even some curries have vinegar as ingredient. I’ll give you the recipe of a very nice sidedish that contains vinegar.

Cucumber salad
1 cucumber
4 tablespoons of vinegar
2 tablespoons of sugar

You only have to slice the cucumber in really thin slices. You combine the ingredients and just wait for 15 minutes. Then the salad is ready to serve. A very nice side dish with curry. If you like to make it a bit more spicy you can add some sliced red pepper.

So break your habit of buying this expensive products by changing to a more natural way of cleaning. It will save the environment and it will also save you money!

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