I made it! – the challenge

So I guess this was it! Half a year is over and I did not buy new stuff. I have to admit that it does not particularly feels like a relieve. Life just continued like it did. On the other hand, I did already buy something new yesterday; a shovel and rake for my new garden project. I am inspired to work on new projects and fortunately there was no one in the neighbourhood that…


The multiple purpose of vinegar

You might not know it yet but vinegar is a real panacea! You can use it for so many different purposes. Cooking, cleaning, ironing. Brands of cleaning products show lots of commercials to let you choose their product. For every chore they have another product. That’s how you end up with lots of products that you barely use. You’d better stop buying this superfluous products and start using vinegar. It will make you buy less…


How to get the most out of your holiday

Holiday, lots of people are having it every year, some even twice a year. Some people travel to the other side of the world, others stay home. I decided to go to Saint Martin (the Caribbean) not because it is a very environmental friendly choice but because my sister lives there. Despite the flight, I hope to make the holiday as sustainable as possible. At least I have choices that can make this trip more…


Environmental friendly experiences

Experiences, we all undertake them and have an idea about what it is. It can actually be so many things; learning, growing, enjoying or improving yourself. For me having coffee or tea with a friend is an experience, joining a course to study something or going on holiday. It can be something small that only takes an hour or it can take several weeks up to a year. Every experience will have a carbon footprint…


Coming up: sustainable experiences

It might be that you are waiting for a new post and wondering when the next one will be published. I have to ask you for a bit more patience. I am busy finding out how to make sustainable choices on experiences, since that is the only thing I can buy at the moment. Can I better go out to have a coffee with a friend, go to the swimming pool or take a language…


Happiness is free

In every blog I give you lots of information about the issues that I face by not allowing myself to buy new stuff and I am giving information about other options that there are. This time I just want to show you what inspires me and what makes me happy because that’s what really counts, isn’t it? At least that’s how I feel about it. I do not feel less happy since I am not…


Stop shopping, go swapping!

Now I feel like the end of my challenge gets closer I expected not buying would get harder and harder. But actually, it is only getting easier. There are so many ways to afford what you need without buying, that half a year seems to be just a fraction of time. Last week Cambridge Carbon Footprint invited me to become a human library for the release party of ‘Circular Cambridge’. Being a human library means…


Planned obsolescence – the challenge

I feel like I am victim of planned obsolescence. You are one too, but do you actually know what that is, planned obsolescence? Well, I’ll explain. Planned obsolescence Planned obsolescence is a phenomenon that came up last century. Factories found out that they would not make enough profit when their products would last forever. Our economy is based on the share market so when a company would not sell enough products their shares would fall….


How am I doing? – the challenge

A new year has started which means I am half way through my challenge! A good moment to give an update on how I am doing. Overall it turned out to be not so bad. It actually is quite interesting to be challenged to look for creative solutions to solve problems instead of just throwing things away and buying it new. I made my top three of projects that I liked the most.   First…


Discover & Reuse – the challenge

Our bellies are filled and our money is spend on presents. Christmas is over again. Time to set your goals and resolutions for 2016. If you don’t have one yet I can give you a nice resolution or if one of your goals is saving more money/spending less this week’s blog can be helpful. Before Christmas I have been busy sorting my clothes and I discovered very nice pieces in my wardrobe that I forgot…