Stop shopping, go swapping!

Now I feel like the end of my challenge gets closer I expected not buying would get harder and harder. But actually, it is only getting easier. There are so many ways to afford what you need without buying, that half a year seems to be just a fraction of time. Last week Cambridge Carbon Footprint invited me to become a human library for the release party of ‘Circular Cambridge’. Being a human library means…


Planned obsolescence – the challenge

I feel like I am victim of planned obsolescence. You are one too, but do you actually know what that is, planned obsolescence? Well, I’ll explain. Planned obsolescence Planned obsolescence is a phenomenon that came up last century. Factories found out that they would not make enough profit when their products would last forever. Our economy is based on the share market so when a company would not sell enough products their shares would fall….


How am I doing? – the challenge

A new year has started which means I am half way through my challenge! A good moment to give an update on how I am doing. Overall it turned out to be not so bad. It actually is quite interesting to be challenged to look for creative solutions to solve problems instead of just throwing things away and buying it new. I made my top three of projects that I liked the most.   First…


Discover & Reuse – the challenge

Our bellies are filled and our money is spend on presents. Christmas is over again. Time to set your goals and resolutions for 2016. If you don’t have one yet I can give you a nice resolution or if one of your goals is saving more money/spending less this week’s blog can be helpful. Before Christmas I have been busy sorting my clothes and I discovered very nice pieces in my wardrobe that I forgot…


Christmas decoration – the challenge

Until last year I was a huge fan of Christmas trees. Not especially because I celebrate Christmas very extensively but because it is cosy and I like to collect Christmas tree decorations. Till someone mentioned that it is actually such a pity that so many trees are used every year again as a Christmas tree to in the end just be burned. I think she is right. In the Netherlands they sell on average 2,8…


Buying behaviour – the challenge

Although I am not allowed to buy something new, there are still products that I can buy like food and experiences. When looking at the statistics of the Netherlands from 2006 till 2010 (unfortunately there are no statistics build up after 2010) people spend on average at least 15% of their money on food. Clothes took around 6% of the income and the average spending on experiences, travelling and self development was 33%. That last…


Receiving presents – the challenge

I have had a little break but it is time to write my new blog. Since my birthday is coming closer, I decided that my topic for this time is ‘presents’. I cannot buy new products myself but can I receive presents? Focussing on consumption and valuing tangible products already starts at a very young age. Children receive presents every birthday and it is very common that it are tangible products like a Lego castle,…

Carbon Footprint

My Carbon Footprint – the challenge

This week I have been mapping my Carbon Footprint. Before I tell you more about mine I will give some explanation about what it actually is. A Carbon Footprint is the total amount of Greenhouse Gasses (among others CO₂, CH₄, N₂O) that are generated by the actions you undertake (heating your house, driving a car etc.) or by the production of a product or an experience you purchase. It is calculated as carbon dioxide equivalent…


The Halloween experience – the challenge

As I promised, this week I will tell you about my Halloween costume adventures. I actually thought that last week would be Halloween but it turned out that I was wrong and had one more week to make sure I had the best possible outfit. It can actually be quite easy to make a low price or free Halloween outfit. Some family members brought up really nice ideas, like a suit with wings, made of…


Gardening – the challenge

This week I almost bought something new without realising that I was not allowed to do so. I was planning on gardening and by chance I just ran into a nice offer for plants. It were some sort of heather plants which I thought would be really nice in our quite empty garden. Fortunately I resisted the temptation and went home without buying them. When I arrived home I realised that I wasn’t allowed to…